• Born: Feb 2016
  • Weight: 68 lbs.
  • Gender: Female
  • Energy: medium
  • Kids: Needs to meet them first
  • Dogs: It's a possibility
  • Cats: No, thank you

Adopt Brownie

Brownie is as sweet at her name!

Brownie is as sweet as her name!

Brownie is a smart dog who learns fast! She knows how to sit, lay down, leave it, wait, stay, shake, look, touch, and speak (her “speak” might just be the cutest thing in the world. Check out her video below!) Brownie is well behaved in her crate and 100% house-trained. She is also a patient and gentle walking buddy. She gets super excited when she sees squirrels, but knows how to ignore them for a yummy treat!

Brownie loves to play! Brownie has energy and loves to play and run around. She loves sniffing around her yard or even just laying out in the sun! Her favorite games are tug and “find it.”

Brownie loves her friends! Brownie meets all her new friends through a proper introduction. She loves going through her intro ritual and would be happy to meet each and every visitor you have to your home, but she will also happily go to her crate for any quick visitors. Once you are her friend, you are her friend forever! 

Brownie is a big cuddler! She will lean her head onto her friends’ laps asking for ear scratches and flop over hoping for some belly rubs. She’d snuggle for hours if given the chance!

Brownie is loyal, loving, and energetic. She has a silly, playful personality and offers a trusting, special bond with her forever humans.

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