• Born: Feb 2016
  • Breed: Mixed
  • Weight: 68 lbs
  • Gender: Female
  • Energy: medium
  • Kids: No, thank you
  • Dogs: It's a possibility
  • Cats: No, thank you

Adopt Brownie

Brownie is a sweetheart with a strong spirit!

Why we love Brownie–and you should too!

Brownie has had a really rough few years and is ready for a lifetime of love. She first came to FFL after being mistreated by her owner. She now lives with a loving foster. She had a history of isolation and neglect, but she is now on the path to recovery and is ready to find a forever home.

Brownie is a smart dog who learns fast. She knows to sit, lay down, leave it, wait, stay, shake, look and touch. She is well behaved in the crate and kennel and is house-trained. Brownie loves to go for walks and trusts her foster parents to supply treats and encouragement when there are any distractions. She likes her routine but adjusts to changes quickly. She has the potential to learn so much more! 

Brownie loves to play! Brownie has energy and loves to play and run around. She would thrive in a house with a yard for her to run around in while supervised or to just lay out in the sun. She loves to play tug and “find it.” She would do best in a home willing to provide her with healthy outlets for her mind and energy. A home without many visitors would also be ideal. Brownie likes to have a proper introduction to new people, but will happily go to her crate for quick visitors. Once you have earned her trust, she will love you forever! 

Brownie will need some patience as she is still trying to figure out what it means to be a well-loved pet. She enjoys cuddles on her terms and is a very loving dog. Prior to being taken in by her neighbor, she had never been shown affection and is still learning how to ask for snuggles. She is even learning to use a recordable button to ask for cuddles and is always ready for belly rubs.

Brownie has all the potential in the world to be the best dog ever. She is loyal, loving, and energetic. She has a silly, playful personality and offers a trusting, special bond with her forever human. She would do well in a home willing to be consistent in her training and routines.  She is ready to heal from her rough past and live the rest of her life surrounded by love and happiness. Apply to meet her today!

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