• 10 years old
  • 14.8 lbs
  • Female

I'm cute, I'm snuggly, let's be friends!

Adopt Cali

About Cali

Hello, I’m Cali, a charming senior lady with a heart full of love. My days are spent in a gentle rhythm, filled with soft purrs and contented naps. I adore being around my human friends, their presence brings me such joy. I’m sweet as honey, always ready for a cuddle and a chat. I’m also mellow, preferring a peaceful environment where I can relax. I’m a friend you can count on, always there to lend a comforting purr or a soft paw. I may be in my golden years, but I still have so much love to give. If you’re looking for a loyal, loving companion, consider opening your heart and home to me. I promise to fill your life with sweetness and warmth.

Energy Level

I'm a couch potato. Let's chill.


Let's snuggle!

Friendly with strangers

I can warm up to just about anyone!


I do best when there's a consistent routine and schedule.


I’d do well in a home with older children (10+)


I don’t know yet – I’ve never met a dog before.


Probably – with proper introductions, I can get along with most cats.


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