• Born: Feb 2023
  • Weight: Up to 60 lbs as an adult
  • Gender: Female
  • Energy: medium
  • Kids: Absolutely!
  • Dogs: Absolutely!
  • Cats: No experience

Adopt Ellie

A world-class snuggler!

Ellie was found roaming around Houston with nowhere to call home. Despite her young age, she survived because of her friendly, happy, and charming personality. After being rescued, she’s now looking for the perfect family to call her forever home.

Ellie is a bouncy pup genuinely excited to meet new people. She will not hesitate to make friends with anyone, young and old. She is sociable with dogs of all sizes and ages. Curious and lively, she very much enjoys playtime with any pup she encounters.

Ellie would win the best cuddler award, if she could. She is a world class snuggler, ready to give so much love and affection to her favorite humans. She would like nothing more than to sit in your lap or lean against you, if she can.

Ellie is a sweet, mild-mannered puppy with a clear love of life. Playful, curious, and friendly – with the most adorable floppy ears ever seen on a puppy – she is everything you could ever want in a pup. Meet her today and find out for yourself!

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