• 14 years old
  • Female

Frankie is a love bug!

About Frankie

Most people probably know that a fine wine only gets better with age, but did you know that can also be true about cats?  Meet Frankie—A beautiful older kitty looking for a new forever home. As with most mature ladies, Frankie’s wisdom and sophistication have made her a bit more “discriminating” when it comes to people. While she may seem a bit reserved and aloof at first, once she warms up to you this sophisticated fur girl turns into a total love bug. Frankie is a loyal feline friend that you can count on to make a bad day better with lots of love and affection. In fact, once you earn her trust, Frankie is incredibly loving and snuggly. She will happily cuddle with you on the couch or curl up with you in bed to show you how much she loves and appreciates you.

In addition, Frankie is still spry and loves to bat balls and chase laser toys like a kitten.  If you want a beautiful kitty that will love and adore you forever, please consider adopting beautiful Frankie the sophisticated kitty that is also a total love bug.


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