• 9 months old
  • Male

Hello World! It's me, Garfield!!

About Garfield

“I may not be THE famous Garfield but I’m a pretty big deal. Not very big though. I’m just a baby kitten. But I have big ideas!

Idea 1: You adopt me and love me.

Idea 2: I will love you to the moon and back.

Idea 3: We will live happily ever after!

I can keep going but you get my drift, right? My foster mom says I am so sweet and playful and a joy to be around. Has anyone ever described you that way? Well, I would. You will be such a joy to be around!

Seriously, I am healthy and fun, and I check all the kitten boxes. I am also very neat and tidy (I am getting an A+ in Litterboxing!). I get along with kids and pretty much everybody I have met. Let’s start making my ideas a reality!”


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