• Born: Aug 2012
  • Breed: DLH
  • Gender: Male
  • Kids: No experience
  • Dogs: It's a possibility
  • Cats: It's a possibility
I might have found my forever home! Check back soon!

I’m a popular guy with a girl’s name! (remember the boy named Sue?)

Why we love Hazel–and you should too!

My name is Hazel and I have become a very popular cat at Friends for Life.  Despite being found outside near a colony of kitties, I am NOT your typical stray.  I’m super social, and be warned, I will happily curl up in your lap and beg with all I’ve got for your attention…and I have a LOT! My beautiful captivating green eyes and brown and black-striped coat, my friendly meow, and my eagerness to please. I will smother you with love, and expect almost nothing in return… but I won’t turn down treats or toys. I feel certain I could make myself at home with other cats, and quite possibly dogs.

But to be clear – somehow I was named Hazel, and yet I am the most charming MALE cat you will meet, so don’t think you are getting a girly feline. I’m all boy! Now due to the circumstances of my being found, I had to be treated for ringworm, but am now perfectly healthy and ready to go to a happy home.  Will you be the lucky family that adopts the sweet boy, Hazel? My hugs and snuggles won’t disappoint, and you won’t be able to ignore my pretty face.  I’m available to go for a sleepover tonight!

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