• 11 months old
  • Up to 60 lbs as an adult
  • Male

The dapper dude of dogdom!

About Lucas

Ahoy, human! Lucas here. Now, I won’t boast, but people say I’ve got the looks. Between discovering the new sock you just bought and curiously nibbling on it (strictly for research, I swear!), life is, quite frankly, tiring! The hustle doesn’t stop, so once I’ve adventured enough, I’ll dive nose-first into a nap. Just a quick one. Or maybe two.

Sure, I’m still a puppy, but did you know I’m a genius-in-training? I’ve almost mastered the art of letting you know where the restroom is. And, boy, am I an early bird! The worms don’t stand a chance. Mornings are for sniff-tastic adventures, wrestling my stuffy toys, and yes, sneak-attacking another nap.

Now, about snuggling – it’s my PhD. And with this fuzz? It’s a dream come true.

Contrary to popular pup-lief, I’m cool and composed. Sometimes, I just like to be the lone wolf, play on my own.

Remember: Life’s short, cuddle a Lucas!


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