• 3 years old
  • 5.66 lbs
  • Female

Mimi's sweetness is unparalleled

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About Mimi

Meet Mimi, a young feline full of life and love. She’s the epitome of a cuddly cat, always ready to curl up on a warm lap. Mimi’s friendliness is infectious, she’s quick to make friends with anyone who crosses her path. Her gentle nature makes her an ideal companion for anyone seeking a calm and soothing presence. Mimi’s sweetness is unparalleled, she’ll melt your heart with her affectionate purrs. She’s also playful, her energetic antics are sure to bring joy and laughter into your life. Adopt Mimi, not just because she will fill your home with love and happiness, but also because she deserves a family that will cherish her as much as she will cherish them.

Energy Level

I enjoy playing, but I'm also chill without it.


Sure, we can snuggle.

Friendly with strangers

I can warm up to just about anyone!


I'm really polite in a house!


I’d do well in a home with teenagers (13+)


I don’t know yet – I’ve never met a dog before.


I’d prefer to be my family’s only cat at home.


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