• 3 months old
  • Male

Your Ray of sunshine!

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About Ray

“Hi there! I’m Ray, a kitten with a heart full of love and a mind brimming with curiosity. I’m the kind of feline who’s always eager to play, chase imaginary mice, and explore every nook and cranny. But don’t worry, I also adore cuddling up for a good nap. I’m friendly to everyone I meet, always ready to share a purr or a playful paw.

My favorite pastime? That would be discovering new toys and playing with them till I’m all tuckered out. I’m looking for a forever home where I can share my sweetness and playful spirit. If you’re looking for a companion who’s as curious as he is cuddly, then I might just be the perfect match for you!”

Energy Level

I'd really love it if we could play sometimes!


Let's snuggle!

Friendly with strangers

Yes, with proper introductions.


I do best when there's a consistent routine and schedule.


I’d do well in a home with teenagers (13+)


I don’t know yet – I’ve never met a dog before.


I take a bit of time to warm up to other cats, but then we’re best friends!



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