• 2 months old
  • Up to 59lbs. full grown
  • Male

I am a big snuggle bug! Let's be snuggle buddies!

Adopt Rolo

About Rolo

“Hello, I’m Rolo! I’m just a puppy, full of life and love to give. I’m super sweet, always ready to greet everyone with a wagging tail and a friendly lick. I love to play and my energy knows no bounds. When playtime is over, I’m the perfect cuddle buddy.

I’ll snuggle up to you and make sure you never feel alone. I’m a loyal friend who’s looking for a forever home where I can share my love and joy. Adopting me means gaining a faithful companion who will make every day brighter!”

Energy Level

I love a good run around the backyard or just walks around the neighborhood.


Let's snuggle!

Friendly with strangers

I can warm up to just about anyone!


I'm still learning. :)


I’d do well in a home with teenagers (13+)


Probably – with proper introductions, I can get along with most dogs


I don’t know yet – I’ve never met a cat before



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