• 3 months old
  • Male

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About Rusty

Hi there Human, I see you looking at me-Are you getting those warm, fuzzy feels yet? Everyone that sees me does because I’m just that darn cute. Wanna know a secret? I’m even more precious in person. I’m super cuddly and affectionate and make an awesome snuggle partner. I’ll even climb on your shoulder to groom your hair if you’ll let me. Could it be that in my former life I was a stylist reincarnated into the most adorable kitten you’ve ever seen? Could be-but I prefer to think in my last life I was an angel because I want nothing more than to bring you comfort and joy. I’ll warm your heart with my sweet spirit and fill your life with love. Won’t you do the same for me? Apply to adopt me today and let those warm fuzzy feels last forever with me as your purrfect kitten companion by your side.

Energy Level

Let's do all the things! I LOVE to play and run around!


Let's snuggle!

Friendly with strangers

Yes, with proper introductions.


I'm a super considerate housemate.


I’d do well in a home with teenagers (13+)


I don’t know yet – I’ve never met a dog before.


I take a bit of time to warm up to other cats, but then we’re best friends!


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