• 7 years old
  • Female

Looking for “my person”

About Sadie

“Any Grey’s Anatomy fans out there? Can you believe Meredith is gone? I’ve been a fan for a while (okay, I’m not THAT old – thanks Netflix!) and I realized I need my person. I need a “Christina” kind of person. One who is loyal beyond measure, who’s got my back (and front), and will let me snuggle in their lap. The only thing I draw the line at is “dancing it out.” I would rather have a hairball.

Like Meredith, I grew up lonely and was found suffering. Luckily, I was taken in and nursed back to health. I would do best as the center of attention (aka, only cat in the house). I do okay around dogs but only the nice ones who understand that as a cat I rank over them.

I don’t take up a lot of space and I won’t make you “dance it out.” I may request some play time and cuddle time for sure. You could even call me Sadie Grace (see what I did there? Seattle Grace?) I would love to come for a sleepover and give you a try.”


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