• Born: Dec 2017
  • Breed: DLH
  • Gender: Male
  • Kids: No experience
  • Dogs: No experience
  • Cats: Absolutely!

I’m a handsome, sweet and silly boy!

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2020)

“I’m SUCH a handsome guy.  My name is Frank and my coloring and  long fur is beautiful! I really stood out among a large group of felines rescued from the same home; there were too many of us in one place to be taken care of the way we deserved.  Friends for Life helped out another shelter who had rescued us and I came to live here.  When I was younger, my back leg was hurt and it didn’t heal correctly, so I look a little funny when I walk, but it doesn’t slow me down one bit.  I MIGHT not jump as high as some kitties, but that’s OK, isn’t it?

I’m a sweet, silly boy.  When you pet me I roll sort of like a pill bug!  I really like other cats, too.  I make cute little chirping sounds when I “talk” with them;  we have great conversations.  I’m so happy to have the chance to find a new home and family.  If you want a sweet, silly, handsome young man to be part of your family remember to write Frank on your application.  If you have another kitty in your home, that would be a wonderful surprise for me; I will enjoy chatting with them. Act before someone else says I am theirs.”

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