• 6 years old
  • Male

I am ready to commit to FOREVER!

I might have found my forever home! Check back soon!

About Frank

“With a name like Frank, you’d expect me to be wearing a fedora and smoking a cigarette. Honestly, that ain’t me. I mean, that isn’t me. I’m young and I certainly do NOT smoke. Good luck trying to get me to wear a fedora.

I’ve bounced around a bit. My homes were lovely and the fosters were sweet. But I’m ready for my FOREVER home.

I like everybody, especially other cats. I would love to have a sibling. I’m sweet, chatty, and as you can see, what the dames would call ‘a looker.”

Know what I don’t have? Memories that are all from one family and one home, so, we can talk about that dinner years ago or that book we read ages ago.

That’s what I want. A shared history (or herstory!) with my person. Commitment issues? I don’t have ‘em. I’m ready.”

Energy Level

I enjoy playing, but I'm also chill without it.


Sure, we can snuggle.

Friendly with strangers

I can be slow to warm up, but I'll come around to most people.


I'm a super considerate housemate.


I’d do well in a home with older children (10+)


I don’t know yet – I’ve never met a dog before.


I take a bit of time to warm up to other cats, but then we’re best friends!


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